Light duo+ phototerapy anti aging device - Talika

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    Talika Light duo  phototerapy anti aging device spots wrinkles firmness 1 unit
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Talika - Light duo phototerapy anti aging device spots wrinkles firmness 1 unit

Talika - Light duo



3 anti-aging actions in the same product, to provide you with an exceptional anti-ageing treatment.

The Light duo + phototherapy device Reductor signs of age acts on wrinkles, spots and loss of firmness; delaying the installation of these signs and correcting those who are already visible.

Global action care against wrinkles, loss of firmness and dark spots

The daily micro-inflammations are another target of this product, which also has the ability to soothe the skin.

Orange light phototherapy (590 nm): stimulates the fibroblasts to start collagen production; reducing wrinkles, fine lines and firming the skin;
Red light phototherapy(630 nm): acts selectively on the micro-inflammation markers, which accelerate the aging process, calming the skin and reducing redness;
Green light phototherapy (525 nm): regulates the activity of melanocytes and melanin synthesis; reducing the intensity and size of pigmentation patches.


↠ Ionotherapy:
Imperceptible microcurrents that increase the skin permeability, thereby improving the penetration and effectiveness of any treatment care.

Stimulating cellular exchanges.

How to Use






When the device is switched on, it will activate as soon as it comes into contact with the skin.

Treatment duration:

  • Wrinkles and lost firmness: 45 seconds per day for 1 month;
  • Hyperpigmentation: 2 minutes per day for 2 months;
  • Chronic redness: 2 minutes, morning and night;
  • Occasional redness: 2 minutes every 20 minutes, for a period of 1 hour

Use with or without anti-aging cosmetic treatments (increases the effectiveness of treatment).

Not recommended for people allergic to direct contact with metal (nickel).