Burns and superficial wounds sterile dressings - Urgo

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Urgo - Burns and superficial wounds sterile dressings 6units

Urgo - Burns and superficial wounds



Sterile dressings for the treatment of 1st and 2nd degree burns (blisters) as well as superficial wounds (scratches, cuts)

Quickly relieve pain and promotes healing!

Urgo Burns and superficial wounds sterile dressings with gauze containing lipocloid technology, with a unique combination of hydrocolloid particles and Vaseline, to relieve pain and promote healing.

Additionally, the dressing avoids adherence to the wound and can be removed without pain!


How to use





In 2nd degree superficial burns: place the lesion under cold water for 15 minutes to limit the spread of the burn.

In all other cases:
Clean the wound with an alcohol-free antiseptic.
Rinse with water or saline.
In case of sunburn, never use colored eosin-based antiseptics.
Carefully dry the wound with a sterile dressing.
Whenever possible, leave the bubble intact as it protects against infection.
Do not remove dry skin if it does not fall naturally.
Remove the protective coating from the dressing.
Apply the dressing to the area to be treated.
Do not use any cream before application.
The normal treatment period is 5 to 6 days, and the first dressing should be changed after 24 hours and thereafter every 48 hours.