1ère eau, hygiene and baby bath - Uriage

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    Uriage 1ère eau 500ml
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Uriage - 1ère eau 500ml

Uriage - 1ère eau

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    Uriage 1ère eau 1000ml
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Uriage - 1ère eau 1000ml

Uriage - 1ère eau



For the hygiene of the body face and nappy area, 1ère Eau is a concentrate of Uriage thermal water care, enriched with moisturizing and soothing agents, delicately fragrant.

Daily care of the baby
Gentle hygiene

It's ideal for travel situations or diaper rash.


This care presents also empregnated in extra-smoothe wipes.


How to use





Apply with cotton or a compress directly over the areas to be cleaned up.

No need to rinse.

Baby - Uriage

Uriage presents a line of daily care with Uriage Thermal Water, specially formulated for the care of sensitive and fragile baby skin.

All products were formulated with soothing and calming properties, with high safety and tolerance.

Pleasant and fragrant textures, for a true moment of joy and pleasure for Mom and Baby.

Uriage is used and recommended by maternities.