Bariésun gold tinted cream spf50 - Uriage

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    Uriage Bariésun gold tinted cream spf50 50ml
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Uriage - Bariésun gold tinted cream spf50 50ml

Uriage - Bariésun crème teintée dorée spf 50



For an immediate and uniform, golden and natural effect, the Cream with color spf50 Bariésun is the perfect care.

High protection ensured by a powerful filtering complex, this cream is indicated for sensitive skins that cannot expose themselves to sun, sensitive skin with stains of skin and rosacea.

Color cream spf50

Protector, complexion sublimator plate

Is advisable to use a sunscreen spf50 on the face throughout the year.


Uriage have the same care in the version

  • Cream spf50+
  • Cream without perfume spf50+
  • Cream with color spf50+

Choose which facial solar protection is most suitable for you.


How to use





Apply generously before sun exposure.

Renew the application of 2 in 2 hours, after bathing or physical effort.

Suitable for all skin types.


Bariésun is the line of Uriage protectors, created for normal, sensitive, light skin, or for the firsts exposures to the sun when it is essential to use a very high protection.

The Uriage offers a complete response to secure solar care with a unique triple action:

  • UVA and UVB optimized protection, balanced and stable with the filtering system with Tinosorb M
  • Antioxidant and anti-aging action with stabilized vitamin C, vitamin E and Uriage thermal water.
  • Intense hydration of the skin with AquaSpongines.

A line of care adapted to each skin type and every need.