Bariésun repair balm after-sun - Uriage

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Uriage - Bariésun repair balm after-sun 150ml

Uriage - Bariésun baume réparateur après-solei



Bariésun after sun repair balm has a pleasant perfume and a texture that allows the use on the face and body.

Repair Balm
Moisturizer After Sun


By the action of the complex AquaSpongines, restores the comfort of dehydrated skin or parched by the sun exposure.

Provides an intense moisturizing, soothes and refreshes the skin instantly.




How to use





Apply generously after sun exposure.

After sun-Uriage

After sun exposure, is very important to moisturize the skin so that the Tan is long-lasting and bright.

Uriage formulas enriched with vitamins C, E and Uriage thermal water, help to repair the skin and prevent premature skin aging.



Best post solar care for your face!

last update: 29 March 2018

Best post solar care for your face!
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