Bariésun soothing spray after-sun - Uriage

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Uriage - Bariésun soothing spray after-sun 150ml

Uriage - Bariésun brume apaisant après-soleil

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After-sun Soothing Spray offers an immediate sense of freshness and lasting rehidrata the skin of the face and battered body after a day of Sun.

Soothing spray mist
Immediate after-sun freshness

The ultra-fine pulverization system provides an instant cooling effect.

Hydrates in a fresh and long-lasting way the skin battered by the Sun.



How to use





Spray generously after sun exposure.

After sun-Uriage

After sun exposure, is very important to moisturize the skin so that the Tan is long-lasting and bright.

Uriage formulas enriched with vitamins C, E and Uriage thermal water, help to repair the skin and prevent premature skin aging.


Best post solar care for your face!

last update: Monday, 01 August 2016

Best post solar care for your face!
Facial skin needs proper products to stay beautiful and healthy after sun exposure. Get to know our favorites!
Beauty face mist!

last update: Sunday, 04 June 2017

Beauty face mist!
In a practical gesture, regain vitality and protect your skin with a mist of freshness and hydration! Vaporize as often as needed!