Cu-zn+ anti-irritation baby spray - Uriage

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    Uriage Cu-zn  anti-irritation baby spray 100ml
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Uriage - Cu-zn anti-irritation baby spray 100ml

Uriage - Uriage cu-zn anti-irritation spray bébés



Practical and hygienic, the spray Cu- Zn+ with high tolerance is indicated for irritated and wet areas likely to infect (folds, atopic eczema, chickenpox), especially in children and infants.

Anti-irritation spray for babies and children

Soothing and absorbent

The patented TLR2-Regul and Uriage Thermal Water soothe the irritations caused by micro-organisms.

Copper gluconate and zinc regulates bacterial flora.

The smectite absorbs the moisture excess and dries the wet and exudative areas most susceptible of maceration and skin folds.


How to use






Shake before use.

Spray on exsudated and macerated areas.

Leave to act until complete absorption of the product.

Avoid contact with eyes.

If the symptoms persist, seek medical advice.