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Discontinued Product.
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Effective against odors for 24 hours, the Power3 deodorant roll on for sensitive skin provides a sense of cleanliness and prolonged freshness.

Enriched in Uriage's thermal water and soothing active ingredients, it's indicated to protect and care even the most sensitive armpits.

The best care for sensitive armpits!

Anti-white stains ▪ Anti- yellow stains ▪ Anti-hardening effect on clothing.

Regulates transpiration through its rich formulation in aluminum salts and prevents the formation of odors thanks to the complex of active antibacterial and anti-enzyme.

Throughout the day, the armpits stay protected for your comfort!


Composition: Uriage Thermal Water, hydrochloride Aluminium, anti-bacterial and anti-active enzyme complex, alpha-bisabolol, unscented, hypoallergenic.


How to use





Apply to clean, dry skin.
Do not apply to irritated skin.

Why choose Uriage?

When the skin is sensitive or reactive (ex: post waxing) and at the same time has severe sweating, there is a need of an anti-perspirant associated with a soothing, healing, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing component.

The ideal? A care with Uriage thermal Water.