Hyseac a.i, prevents and eliminates pimples - Uriage

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Uriage - Hyséac a.i anti-blemish care for combination to oily skin 40ml

Uriage - Uriage hyséac a.i



Hyséac A.I. helps eliminating and preventing blemishes​.

Add-on therapy of inflammatory or mixed acne.

Daily care for Inflammatory Acne

With an early aseptic action in the formation of inflammatory lesions, it limits the appearance of residual acne marks.

This care avoids the appearance of scar marks on the skin.


How to use





Apply one to two times a day on clean, dry skin.

Before sun exposure, use a sunscreen.

Hyséac - Adapted Cares

In oily skins, it's quite common to develop acne which appears mostly in adolescence, being the worst-affected areas, the face, back and chest.

When there are imperfections (pimples, black spots, microquists) there are specific cares to limit their appearance and smooth the skin grain.

Hyséac provides the answer for the prevention and treatment of acne.