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    Uriage Hyséac solar fluid spf30 50ml
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Uriage - Hyséac solar fluid spf30 50ml

Uriage - Uriage hyséac fluide spf30



The mattifying effect of the Hyséac solar fluid care from Uriage, ensures an effective sun protection, adapted to the needs and requirements of combination to oily skin with acne tendency.

A solar care with a nice and super fluid texture, non-greasy and completely invisible after application.

Effective sun protection spf30
Oily skin, subject to anti-acne therapies

Thanks to Licorice Extract present in this care, limits the overproduction of sebum, and prevents occurrence of new defects.

UVA UVB high performance thanks to a new filtering complex - without octocrylene.

The moisturizing care with sun protection suitable for oily skin.


How to use





Apply a generous and homogeneous amount of Hyséac solar fluid before sun exposure.

Daily, apply in the morning.

Reapply 2 in 2 hours.

Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

Hyséac - Sun Protection

Sun exposure aggravates acne lesions

An adapted sun protection is essential throughout the year, especially during anti-acne treatments and therapies.

Hyséac Solar fluid spf30 and Hyséac solar fluid SPF50 +, are specially formulated by Uriage for the care and protection of oily skin prone to acne.




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last update: 30 October 2015

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