Uriage isophy single doses, hygiene of baby's nose and eyes - Uriage

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Uriage - Isophy single doses, hygiene of baby's nose and eyes 18units of 5ml

Uriage - Serum physiologique naturel



Prevents the removal of mucous since the 1st day of life!

Hygiene of the nose and eyes
Antihistamine and anti-inflammatory property


Isophy Pods for the nose and the eyes:

  • Reusable sterile monodoses, practical to carry everywhere.
  • Rounded anatomic applicators.
  • Recommended and used in maternities.



How to use





Nose: 1 the 2 pod pressures in each nostril.
Renew throughout the day whenever necessary.

Eyes: Soak a sterile compress with Isophy and clean the eye from the inside corner (next to the nose) to the outer corner (near the temple).
Don't use the same compress on the eye more than one time.
Change compress for the care of the other eye.
Renew whenever necessary.