Keratosane 30% cream gel - Uriage

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Uriage - Kératosane 30% cream-gel 75ml

Uriage - Uriage kératosane 30% gel creme

Uriage - Kératosane 30% cream-gel 40ml

Uriage - Uriage kératosane 30% gel creme



For many years that urea-based products are used to decrease the thickened skin.

Urea regulates the renewal and stimulates the exit of dead cells from the thicker layers of hardened or rough skin.

Gel-cream with urea to 30%

Queratolitic effective action against calluses

Kératosane 30% contains urea to 30%.

Its gel-cream texture is ideal for localized cutaneous thickening, like:

  • Calluses on the feet,

  • Stiff and dry elbows,

  • Babies milk crust,

  • Scalp with plates,

  • Keratoses pillars,

  • Nodules by ingrown hairs,

  • etc.

How to use






Apply twice a day on the affected areas.

Avoid contact with eyes.

Fleeting sensations of insect bites are possible on sensitive skin.

Can be applied in infants, children, adults and seniors.