Xémose syndet gentle cleansing for dry, prone to atopy skin - Uriage

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Uriage - Xémose syndet gentle cleansing cream for atopic skin 500ml

Uriage - Xémose syndet nettoyant doux



Xemose Syndet Cleansing Gel Cream is ideal for the daily hygiene of atopic and dry skin.

Gel-cream for daily hygiene
Cleansing and moisturizing care

Cleansing gel-cream specifically formulated for the daily hygiene of very dry skin or prone to atopy.

With Uriage Thermal Water, naturally rich in mineral salts and oligo-elements, is associated with the Cerasterol-2F ® and the specific cleaning agents to protect the skin from the drying effect of the water thanks to its soothing and moisturizing properties.



How to use






Apply Xémose Syndet on previously wet skin until foaming.


Xémose - Uriage

Uriage care line for dry and atopic skin.

Uriage developed a patented and innovative biomolecular complex Cerasterol-2F ® whose properties present in all Xémose cares, allow to effectively decrease the cutaneous dryness and discomfort, returning softness and well-being.