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Uriage - Roséliane cc cream spf30 40ml

Uriage - Uriage roséliane cc cream spf30



Facial redness is a common problem, especially among people with light, thin and sensitive skin, and may become permanent, in the absence of a treatment care.

Roseliane CC Cream is a moisturizer that soothes sensitive skin's redness, evens the complexion and protects against UVA/UVB rays, resulting in a uniform skin, with less redness and visibly replenished.

Moisturizes, soothes, protects
Evens the complexion

With a simple gesture, obtain a complete treatment for sensitive skin prone to redness.

Creamy, non-greasy texture for a quick and invisible application.

Composition: Uriage Thermal water, Cerasterol-2F, TLR2-ctrl, Ginseng extract, UV filters and complex mineral pigments.


How to use





Apply by morning on clean skin.

Universal color.

Suitable for all skin types




Beauty review . uriage

last update: 24 February 2016

Beauty review . uriage
review: Uriage Roséliane rich cream anti-redness for sensitive skin the best way to control rosacea, at a cosmetic level, passes through the application of appropriate products, which help to control the problem